URL Shortener - yourURL



The URL Shortener is used to shorten and share URLs easily. The cloud architecture for this application is hosted on Azure.

URL Shortener BackEnd

The backend is hosted on Azure and contains following resources:

  1. Function App (url-shortner-aka) - This hosts all the APIs. The function app post api to add new URLs is protected by function access code.
  2. Storage (urlshortneraka) - This is utilized by the azure function app to utilize the storage tables to store the urls.

Azure Resources

URL Shortener FrontEnd

The URL Shortener doesn’t have a dedicated frontend, but instead is mainly accessible by 2 APIs:

  1. GET https://yoururl.tech/{encoded URL} - UnAuthenticated - This URL when called, decodes the encoded URL and redirects the user to the actual URL.
  2. POST https://yoururl.tech/addUrl - Authenticated - This URL when called adds the encoded & decoded url pair onto the Azure storage.

But, using the POST Api in day to day basis is not very accessible for end user. Thus I decided to go with IPhone Shortcuts. I created 2 shortcuts for this purpose, one to add url pairs, and other to retrieve and open webpage.

iPhone Shortcuts

Project artifacts & details

Website: yourURL

Repository: https://github.com/deep-mm/URL-Shortner

Technology: Azure Functions, Azure Storage, iPhone Shortcuts