Oncue - The Reminder App


Aim: Develop an android app, which is basically a reminder app with an astonishing feature to remind you not only based on time but based on people around.

The Android app detects the people around, and if a person sets a reminder, say for example, John has to ask Davis for his application, so whenever Davis comes within the bluetooth range of John, a notification pops up in John’s phone saying Davis is around, ask him for the application. This app will help a lot of people in their day to day life, with real target on people working at offices.

Get real time notification reminders, once you set them, for your near and dear ones, when they are close to you and using the OnCue App.



Reminders for friends: Reminders may be with respect to a person, which beeps when that person is near you, or with respect to time.

Reminder at time: Reminders may be with respect to time, which beeps at the preset time.

Offline reminders: The OnCue App needn’t be connected to the internet for setting reminders and getting reminder notifications.

Sharp GUI: Convenient and easy to use GUI.

Compact App: Requires less memory space and RAM for running.

Connected via Facebook: On click Facebook login and friends fetch from your Facebook account.

Bluetooth utilization: Uses Bluetooth for sensing proximity, which requires the least power as compared to other leading technologies.

Oncue App Screens

Project artifacts & details

Website: Google Play Store

Repository: https://github.com/deep-mm/Oncue

Technology: Android, SQL, FTP, Facebook authentication