Library Management System


This is a library management system which demonstrates how various Azure Cloud Services can be integrated into a .NET Core application.

This project contains 2 major sections we built using ASP.NET C#:

  1. Backend-APIs: LMS API
  2. Frontend Website: LMS Website

Azure Services

Various Azure Services which are integrated with this application:

  1. Azure Keyvault - store all the secrets consumed by the application to avoid any secrets getting compromised.
  2. Azure App Service - host the APIs and the frontend website.
  3. Azure Search - implement search capabilities in the website.
  4. Azure SQL Server - host the sql database
  5. Azure SQL Database - store sructured data
  6. Azure Reddis Cache - reduce database transactions and increase efficiency
  7. Azure Application Insights - store application logs
  8. Azure Cosmos DB - store unstructured data
  9. Azure Storage Account - store images
  10. Azure Active Directory - enable authentication

LMS Azure Services

Project artifacts & details

Website: Library Management System


Technology: Azure, ASP.NET, C#