Coach Inspection App


Aim: Develop a system, that can aid the supervisors and the handyman in getting the inspection and maintenance of the coaches done as swiftly as possible.

Each coach that comes in for routine maintenance in the terminal, is given a fixed time frame (normally 6 hours for one train), and the work to be performed in this time frame includes, inspecting the train for any faults or repairs that need to be resolved. These problems are assigned a priority based on how important that is and whether the train can move ahead or not without it being solved. Thus previously each of these problems and their priorities were written down in a dairy and passed on to the compliance staff to get the repairs done.

This App replaces this kind of paper work, by providing an interface whereby, the inspection supervisors can directly capture photos, record audios, and add text to a particular issue. All this data is sorted coach wise thus making it easier for the handyman to track the faults and solve them accordingly and also click pictures as a proof of getting that issue resolved.

This app also lets users get a detailed graphical analysis, of problems in a particular coach/train over a period of time.

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Website: Google Play Store


Technology: Adobe XD, Android, NoSQL, Firebase database storage & authentication