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What Hulk taught us in the Avengers Endgame,

Hulk had over the years considered the other half of him as a negative personality and so always fought with himself over that and most of time ended up frustrated at either being hulk or at being banner and because of this he was never really happy. So relate this to the things or attitude that you have been trying to change over the years because you always had a stiff belief system regarding what the world expects from you, to get rid of all defects and become perfect. So what happens when we try too hard to reach those expectations, either we rise up to that and lead a happy life, or we just keep on fighting it and we are never able to lead a life of satisfaction and always have the fear of not being perfect and in the world out there we see that the latter is true for most of us.

So instead what Hulk did was, he had an agreement with both his personalities, rather than fighting between both of them the whole time, and by doing this he was able to lead a much happier life filled with satisfaction. So why fight so hard to kill the negative, what if we created a mindset for ourselves to just have an agreement with the defects or the negatives that we have in us. It shouldn’t matter what everyone out there thinks of you, what really matters is what one thinks of himself. So rather than leading a sad or a frustrated life, lead a happy life by accepting yourself as you are and accepting others as they are :)